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What's New!

Check here for the latest updates made to the EdMar website and product line.

JUNE 2015 - New Design: #1610 - Crux de Pax


SEPTEMBER 2014 - Three Jasmines in 4 colors.

AUGUST 2014 - Jackie released as first in the 1300 series.

OCTOBER 2012 - The newest color is #234 - Emerald Green.

JUNE 2012 - All EdMar Designs are available as special order on BLACK fabric. Patterns are printed in wash-away white lines. EXAMPLE

Also... What's all this about Twilling? Quilters are discovering the age-old tradition of stitching patterns on fabric using a Palestrina stitch. Although some are now calling it a "Twilling" or "Twill" stitch, it's actually a Palestrina stitch. The technique is called "twilling" not the stitch itself.

EdMar threads are perfect for twilling as the palestrina stitches are easy to make in 100% rayon and the color and sheen are unmatched by other fibers.

November 2011 - New 17 series patterns

March 2011 - NEW COLOR #233 BRIGHT WHITE now available.

October 2010 - "The Art of Dimensional Embroidery" is now in it's 5th edition! Updated with full color photos and illustrations. The Best just got Better!

January 2010 - We've made some changes to our website. We hope finding what you need is easier than ever now. As always, your feedback is welcome! CONTACT

July 2009 - NEW COLORS RELEASED! #301, #413 & #414

June 2009 - NEW KITS RELEASED! English Rose & Hummingbirds and Iris Patch

March 2009 - Visit us at shows and seminars this year.

August 2008 - All EdMar Kits now feature pre-sorted threads. After years of research and development, we are pleased to finally announce that pre-sorted threads are a reality for all of our kits, large and small alike. This has been the number one request from stitchers everywhere and we are happy to have found a solution that does not significantly increase the cost of the kits. We hope you all enjoy the new sorted threads!

July 2008 - Check out the new #15 Milliners needle on our Needles Page.

April 2008 - We have had several issues with our online order form and comment form. These should all be cleared up. We encourage all our retailers to place their orders with our form, it's convenient and fast. Please provide any feedback on our comment form: Comment Form

FEBRUARY 2008 - There are many books out on Dimensional Embroidery. See our new page.

OCTOBER 2007 - We are pleased to announce the addition of FIVE new Colors!!

AUGUST 2007 - Retailers note; Some minor changes to our order form in the needles section.

JANUARY 2007 - With the new year comes a new website. I hope the changes will make it easier than ever to find what you are looking for. A long awaited order form is available to our wholesale customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Our incredibly popular PRIMAVERA pattern is now available as a KIT. One feature everyone will certainly appreciate is that the threads are separated and labeled by weight and color in the package! We hope to expand this feature to all our larger kits. Stay tuned for updates here.

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