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Tips for Storing EdMar Rayon Threads

Opening & Storing Skeins

To open the skein, move the tag to one side to reveal the knot. You can cut through the knot or on both sides of it. Some colors, depending on the thread, will have a small white spot at the knot. In this case, simply cut out the area of the knot that is white. The strands will now be about one yard long. The threads can be steamed with a steam iron to smooth out the wrinkles and small kinks. Lay the strands flat out on a thick cloth and gently run the hot steam iron over them. They are now ready for stitching and storage.

Threads can be put in an EdMar plastic organizer or hung from the tag. To store it in the plastic organizer, cut the knot and slide off the tag. To insert the thread into the slot, use a skein threader; a long plastic strip bent on one end or a hooked wire. Insert the hook through one of the long slots, fold the skein in half over the hook and pull it up the slot. Pull it slightly over the seam under the label leaving the folded part of the thread showing. Trim the sides of the tag leaving the name and color number for reference. Insert the tag into the top small slot over the thread. Each plastic organizer will store 16 skeins. To keep the thread hanging from the tag, cut off the knot and pull on one side of the strands to make one side longer than the other. Insert a crochet hook or a piece of plastic strip bent on one end through the label where the thread was pulled longer. Bring the long strands to the hook and pull them through the label (tag). Even up the ends and pull the loop against the tag. When one strand is needed, just pull it from the loop under the tag.


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