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Tips for Stitching with Rayon

The following tips are highly recommended when using EdMar rayon threads. If followed, they greatly reduce the chances of frustration and possible damage to your work.

  • EdMar Rayon threads are to be used as they are, never split the plies.

  • We recommend that the embroidery be worked with the fabric held taut in a hoop. Work stitches with uniform tension to prevent the fabric from puckering.

  • Rayon threads are very slippery and one end of the thread will unravel more than the other. To find out which one unravels, get the two ends together and twist them back and forth between your fingers 3 or 4 times. The one that unravels the most is the side that should be knotted or woven before you start stitching. At the end of your stitches, secure your thread by knotting or weaving.

  • When tying a knot, make it small and very secure.

  • Stitches should be worked clockwise and from left to right. This will keep the thread from unraveling and fraying.

  • Before making any stitches that require wrapping the thread like bullion, roll the threaded needle counterclockwise in-between your fingers in order to unwind the twist of the thread a little. Wrapping the thread clockwise for the stitch will then twist it back to normal. Without doing this, the thread will be wound too tight, kink up and possibly break.

  • Bullion and cast-on stitches should be wrapped loosely on the needle. You don't want them so tight that you can't pull the needle and thread through. The thickness of your bullion is not determined by the thickness of your needle; it is the weight of thread you are using and how your bullion is "pulled". You don't want the individual wraps separated so all bullion should be pulled nice and taught.

  • When making bullion or cast-on stitches, secure the threads on the back before starting the next one. This will prevent a "chain reaction" if one of the other stitches break.

  • Try to keep the back of your project clean and organized. Avoid "jumping around", threads will show onto the front like a shadow if you do. Eliminate loose ends by securing them down.


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