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EdMar Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery
Kits & Patterns


Kit #1030 - Flowers & Ferns Kit #1610 - Crux de Pax & Kit #1301 - Jackie

Crux de PaxJackie

Series 10

10 series patterns

This collection of designs offers the beginning, intermediate, and advanced stitchers a beautiful selection of very attractive projects. With it's wide range of styles and sizes, this series has something for everyone.

Series 12

12 series patterns

This series features simple, elegant designs of very popular Brazilian embroidery flowers. Each design is printed on a 7"x7" fabric and are excellent for beginning stitchers. All are available as kits.

Series 14

14 series patterns

The 14 series offers projects with medium difficulty. The small size is less intimidating to beginners and the more experienced stitcher will appreciate the added challenges involved. All are available as a complete kit.

Series 15

15 series patterns

The 15 series offers delicately articulated rings. Embroiderers of all levels will delight in these classic designs. Fabric size is 10X10 inches for each and the designs are all about 4" in diameter.

Series 16

16 series patterns

  The 16 series attracts the more adventurous embroiderer. These larger designs are truly breathtaking when completed. Using the same basic stitches as the smaller patterns, even a novice can create a masterpiece! Not all designs are available as a complete kit.

Series 17

17 series patterns

Inspired from the large "Primavera" project, these individual pieces are perfect for the intermediate stitcher looking for smaller projects. All are printed on 8"X10" fabric and are available as Kits.

Series 18

18 series patterns

Samplers for every taste are featured in the 18 series. This classic format lends itself to pillows, quilts, framed hangings or anything you can imagine.

Series 20

20 series pattern

The Christmas petites are all printed on 7X7 inch fabric. Each one compliments the other in this festive collection. They are all available as a kit with everything you need, including complete instructions.

Series 36

36 series patterns

This larger Christmas print is a holiday favorite. Beginners and experts alike will enjoy this festive pattern. #3658 is currently the only pattern available in this series.

Series 51

51 series patterns

Our most popular series features seven flowers in lovely arrangements. Each design is printed on a 8"X10" fabric and are excellent for beginning stitchers. All patterns in this series are available as both Kits and Prints.

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