Dr. Fritsche's GeoTrek 4 part a

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Starting out at the Cheeseboro, Palo Comado trail in Agoura.

The march begins

No, the map is not to scale.

Nice stripes you've found.

This is the smallest rock I could find. Shoot, now I dropped it.


Checking our location

There are at least 5 kinds of rocks down here.

The leader holds the map, that's just the rules. Cope with it.

Ah, the Cretaceous rocks!

Kinda feels like the old west. Oh yeah, it is the old west.

More meadows

People will invariably climb any rock larger than a small dog.

...and go into caves of any size.

Obligatory group photo.

A clear-day panorama looking toward Conejo peak and the Channel Islands

Checking out the fossils

Really checking out the fossils

A few who made it back alive.

SUN department of Geological Sciences 27th Annual Field Frolic


CSUN Dept. of Geologic Sciences 27th annual Field Frolic 2009