Moorpark College Geology Dept. Field trip to

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Pipe Crew approaching the blowhole.
Here we see the pipe crew approaching the blowhole.

Sludge shoots out the pipe
As the crowd watches, sludge shoots out the pipe.

more sludge
With buckets ready, the crowd anticipates the rare treasures from below.

Hanksite Collection
We collect a handfull of HANKSITE crystals - KNa22(SO4)9(CO3)2Cl
Sodium Potassium Sulfate Carbonate Chloride

KNa22(SO4)9(CO3)2Cl   -   Sodium Potassium Sulfate Carbonate Chloride
A nice specimen.

The Trona Pinnacles
No trip to Trona would be complete without a visit to the Pinnacles.

Trona Pinnacle

Trona Pinnacles

Sunset pinnacles
These calcium carbonate spires create an otherworldly landscape.

Desert Rain
An October rainshower in the desert landscape of the Searles Lake Basin

Halite Hunting
Next day we look for HALITE in the brine pools.

Looking for Halite
Leaving no stone unturned in search of an awesome specimen.

a barrowful of halite
Our catch for the day; several very nice specimens of Halite.

Most of the Halite is colorless and transparent.

Halite Sample
Some are pink due to the halophilic bacteria present.

Halite sample
Some samples have a bit of both.