Moorpark College Geology Dept. Field trip to
And a journey into the Stewart Mine

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Here we see the Mineralogy class assembling before "Gems of Pala"
and our good friend, Blue Sheppard (gesturing).

After a tour of the store, we head out to the mine.

The red clay road winds steadily up into the hills.

The anticipation of a grand adventure increases as we approach the location.

Blue tells us everything we need to know for a great experience at the Pegmatite outcrop.

Mining is serious business, no funny stuff on or in the mountain.

Near the top of the hill, the Pegmatite outcrop serves as a backdrop to Blue's lecture.

We are set free to explore the outcrop and search the tailings for interesting specimens.
Tabitha poses in front of a large boulder with massive black shorl crystals.

Professor Harma points out pegmatite features to students.

Pegmatite with large crystals of black shorl.

These tailings are from the time when a layer of lepidolite was mined for lithium (back in the day).

Another view of the amazing outcrop.

I found this particularly interesting specimen. Black shorl turning to green.

This unidentified flower blossomed beside the pegmatite outcrop (e-mail me if you know what this is).

Jim and Shellie show off their collection of  pegmatite specimens.

Now the real fun begins: on to the mine!

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