Moorpark College Geology Dept. Field trip to
Cascade Canyon

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Cascade canyon outcrop
Cascade Canyon is a small side canyon of San Antonio Canyon. The red outcrop at the top of the hill is a ruby corundum bearing rock. Eroding fragments fall down a steep ravine accessible by crossing the creek.

access road
From Mt. Baldy Road, this small access road takes us down to the canyon floor.

Canyon Floor
The trailless wash is easily navigated by geology students even though melting snows keep the water flowing.

Once across the creek, the rubble pile we're looking for is just ahead.

Ruby Hunting
A couple of students look for rubies at the foot of the slope.

Rubble Pile
Almost all the rocks in this pile have little bits of corundum in them.

So here are the ruby corundum crystals!

Glowing Rubies
Under ultraviolet light, the crystals fluoresce quite brilliantly.